Civil Litigation

Litigation skills aren’t learned from a book. They are learned through experience. They are honed by actually trying cases to a judge or jury. When your legal dispute is destined for court, you deserve an attorney who possesses those trial skills and experience, yet who also has the experience and wisdom to know when to tell you that your case should not be tried, but should be settled. more details

Commercial Law

Every business owner or entrepreneur needs a support team to assist them in achieving their dreams. Involving an attorney early in your business’s planning can save you time and money and can put you and your business on a path towards success. more details

Probate and Estate Planning

Effective transfers of wealth from one generation to another, or to charitable organizations, requires planning. Whether your estate planning needs require a simple will or a more complex plan involving living trusts, protect your estate from unnecessary tax and expense by working with an estate planning attorney to create a plan designed for your needs. more details

Real Property & Construction Law

The ownership and improvement of real property creates many rights and privileges, but also obligations, for the owner. And, the construction of a new house or commercial structure can create many other legal issues for the contractor, subcontractor, lender and the property owner. A knowledgeable real estate and construction attorney can guide you through these complex issues so that you can enjoy your property to the fullest. more details

Unlawful Detainer and Evictions

If you own rental property, every single day that passes where your tenant occupies the property without paying the rent means lost income for you. That often translates into difficulty for you in being able to pay the mortgage. Having an experienced eviction attorney on your side can reduce the time before you can regain possession of the property and rent it again, which reduces your financial losses. more details