What Clients Say

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Bob French by an attorney who practiced in another state and thus was unable to handle my case in California.

I found Bob to be extremely ethical, meticulous in understanding the details of the case, extremely well prepared when we went to court and was in fact my gentle bulldog in the court room, showing professionalism throughout the whole trial which we won with a unanimous jury verdict.

He did not like me calling him a bulldog but I can tell you that, if I ever need another attorney, Bob French will be my first choice because I know he will give it his all and that is what you need if you want to win.

James R., Reno, Nevada

There are times when an experienced lawyer needs the help of another experienced lawyer, and this is what led me to Bob French. A valued business client had a problem in northern California, and I found Bob through reviews and references. The tricky legal situation called for excellent communication and strategic skills, and Bob delivered a great result for us. His client communication was excellent and very responsive, and the matter was resolved within weeks by Bob to everyone’s complete satisfaction. I would encourage anyone looking for legal representation in California to consider Bob French. My clients and I recommend him enthusiastically. I am looking for ways to work again with Bob on other California matters as they may occur.

Leo G., Esq., Moorestown, New Jersey

Robert French represented us in a partition case involving real estate we inherited with another family member. If you’ve never been party to a lawsuit against another member or your family, consider yourself lucky. It is an exhausting, relationship-destroying process. A great attorney is the only way to separate the emotional aspect of such a process from the legal process that needs to be done to protect your interests.

Bob was that attorney for us. He was very insistent in making sure we understood the pros and cons of staying the course through such a case before we made the decision to proceed. From that point on, Bob took the lead on our behalf and we were able to take a breather from our ordeal. Throughout the process, we were able to distance ourselves from the emotional aspect of the case and make practical decisions. Bob was integral in this aspect. This case involved several months of our lives. It’s finally over now, but, without Bob’s help, we would likely not have come out of it as pleased as we are.

We have experience working with attorneys in our lines of work. Prior to Bob, we’ve yet to work with one that places such value in his client’s understanding of the process and how their decisions affect that process. May you never have to go through an ordeal such as we did, but, if so, Robert French is an attorney you should consider.

Mark & Kelly S., Phoenix, Arizona

Bob French represented me in a jury trial to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars that I had lent to a friend. She had sued me claiming that she shouldn’t have to pay me back this money.

Although I had known Bob for many years, and had had him perform various legal tasks for me before this, I had never been in a trial before and had never had him represent me in litigation of any kind. In fact, I was concerned before the trial that he was just too nice a guy and that he didn’t have enough of a “killer instinct” for me to win what looked like it was going to be a very difficult case. I was so mistaken!

I could not have hoped for a better attorney to represent me at trial. Bob prepared me so thoroughly for understanding what was going to happen at every turn of the case and his skilled advice and support sustained me when I often was prepared to give up any hope of ever recovering these monies that I had loaned. Once the trial began, he did everything that he could to calm my nerves and to make me feel as comfortable with the trial process as I could be. At the same time, Bob relentlessly fought for me throughout the trial and was always sure to protect my interests.

At the end of the trial, the jury awarded me every dollar that Bob asked them to give me during his closing argument, almost eight hundred thousand dollars. And I heard the jurors after the trial telling Bob what a great job he had done as my lawyer. I hope that I am never again involved in litigation of any kind. But, I know that, if I am, Bob will be at my side representing me.

Robert A., Truckee, California

I am a member of a limited liability company which owns commercial property in San Diego. We were sued by a tenant for breach of contract claims. Although I am a lawyer myself, I hired Bob French to represent our company in this litigation because I liked how he had handled other prior litigation for me.

Bob obtained an extraordinary result in this lawsuit for our company. He so thoroughly cross-examined the plaintiff during his deposition, that the plaintiff’s case simply began to crumble. Later, when Bob took our case into mediation, almost immediately after the mediation began, the plaintiff’s lawyer simply pushed his chair back from the table and announced that his client wanted to dismiss the lawsuit. There was no quibbling, and no attempts to try to make us pay the plaintiff for that dismissal; he simply wanted out. In my 36 years of practicing law, I had never seen such a total and absolute abdication by a plaintiff of his litigation claims.

Bob gave us good advice and didn’t try to overwork the case; he only did that which was appropriate and necessary under the circumstances. His fees were quite reasonable, particularly given the great result that he obtained for us. In the event of future litigation needs, I look forward to the next time that I can work with Bob again.

David R., San Diego, California

I am a widow well over ninety years of age. A few years ago, against my better judgment, I allowed an insurance salesman to persuade me to “invest” a large sum of money into a life insurance policy. At my age, I had no need for such a policy of insurance and I clearly could not afford the premiums that I was having to pay. I was terribly disappointed and embarrassed after I realized what the terms of the insurance contract were and that I was obligated to continue to pay to the insurance company its premiums or risk losing my money.

I hired Bob French to represent me in a claim against the insurance company in hopes of getting back some of the money that I had paid to it. He not only obtained a cancellation of the insurance policy, but he recovered for me every cent that I had paid to the company in premiums.

I enjoyed working with Bob because he clearly cared about my situation. He not only wanted to recover the money that I had paid, but he also wanted to try to prevent the insurance company from doing the same thing that had been done to me to someone else. I really appreciated Bob’s kindness and his tireless effort on my behalf.

Anna B., Loma Linda, California

Bob French assisted my family with a very complicated case involving both real estate and probate matters, and I believe that it would never have been resolved successfully without his knowledge and professionalism.

Initially, we hired a prestigious law firm in Truckee, only to have been given poor advice that literally cost my family hundreds of thousands of dollars. From that experience, we were hopeful that we would never have to use a lawyer again. But, Bob has completely changed our perspective on that. He was compassionate in how he worked with us during this difficult time; yet, he was also a very sensible and realistic person. He communicated with us very frequently, providing us with updated information as soon as he would receive it. And he took the time to simplify the information in a way that we would understand.

By using video conferencing and other technology, Bob was able to make our meetings very convenient for me, which was important in that I have a newborn baby. Bob worked incredibly hard on our case, which showed at the time of our hearing. And he made us feel confident before testifying and relaxed throughout the hearing. His knowledge not only impressed us, but, equally important, he also impressed the members of the Appeals Board that we testified in front of.

Bob approached the case prepared and organized, and he was confident and resourceful. I consider him an excellent in both real estate and probate matters. He won the case for us and now an issue that has been hanging over our head for the last seven years is finally over. I only wish that we had found Bob earlier! Our lives have been changed for the better because of his representation. He is now someone I consider a friend and the only lawyer I will ever turn to for advice or recommend to anyone.

Emily R., Tahoe Vista, California

We hired Bob French to handle an eviction proceeding for our rental property. Bob is the kind of attorney everyone should have: friendly, fast and very efficient. He grasps a problem situation quickly, understands what needs to be done, and does it!

He kept us informed and answered all of our questions in English, not legalese! Every time there was a new development in our case, Bob was right there to interpret, suggest and act. That’s great.

Before we went to court, Bob briefed us on what to expect, and that gave us renewed confidence in the merit of our case. While testifying in court is never fun, thanks to Bob, we knew what to expect and were quite comfortable responding to every question from the other attorney and the judge.

Needless to say, Bob handled the issues like the pro he is and – we won! And his fee was surprisingly reasonable.

While we don’t plan on future litigation, we would enjoy the opportunity to work with Bob again, if the need arises. We can unhesitatingly recommend Bob.

Ron and Jan W., San Francisco, California