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Probate and Estate Planning

Addressing the legal issues following a loved one’s death – while you are mourning their loss – is a burden most of us should not have to endure. Using an attorney to guide you can make the process much easier to deal with.

After the loss of a loved one or friend, we can assist you in handling the post-mortem probate requirements, whether it be conducting a full estate or trust administration, or merely transferring title to you in the case of a small estate which does not require a probate.

But why not simply avoid a probate administration in the first place with careful estate planning? We can assist you in designing an estate plan to minimize or eliminate the estate taxes payable upon your death, and help your loved ones avoid an decedent’s estate administration altogether.

Or, if you believe that your loved one’s Last Will and Testament or trust may have been procured through fraud or undue influence, we can assist you in raising objections to the admission of that will into probate, or challenge the implementation of that trust.

Let us provide you with professional guidance as you deal with end of life legal decisions, or as you sort through the myriad of issues that arise following a loved one’s death.

Focus Areas of Probate & Estate Planning



Decedent’s estate administrations (Probate)



Trust Administrations

Powers of Attorney (asset management, health care)

Collection of small estates

Will and trust contests

Elder abuse

Probate and trust litigation