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Commercial Law

Being in business can be tough. It helps to have professionals at your disposal to offer guidance and advice as you encounter challenges along the way. We recommend to our business clients that there are two people that you always want to have a good relationship with – your tax accountant and your attorney. Between the two of them, they can often get you the information that you need to help you make the right business decision.

We enjoy working collaboratively with our business clients, helping them evaluate their options, and what the legal ramifications may be of each of those options, before they reach their decision.

Whether it be the preparation of a contract, the review of a proposed lending transaction, the drafting of a key officer cross-purchase agreement, or other important step in your business, let us be a member of your business’s resource team.

Focus Areas of Commercial Law



Partnership agreements

Security and financing agreements

Purchase and sale of businesses

Purchase and sale of liquor licenses

Business litigation