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Real Property and Construction Law

The old saying that your house will be the biggest monetary investment of your life holds true for most of us. The purchase and sale of a home – or even unimproved land – is, for that reason, an important transaction. In most instances, your real estate agent or broker will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you smoothly through the transaction.

However, some real estate transactions may have unusual features making it beneficial to have an experienced real estate attorney draft specific purchase or sale documents for you.

Perhaps you are having a house built for you, or are yourself a contractor building a client’s dream home. An experienced real estate attorney can draft your construction contract, and assist in assuring that the preliminary notice is properly drafted and served. In the instance of a failure to pay, an attorney can prepare, record and foreclose on a mechanic’s lien, or serve a stop notice on the lender.

Are you a landlord or a tenant? Whether your leasing arrangement is for a commercial business location or for your own residence, you will almost always benefit from having an experienced real estate attorney advise you and negotiate for you when working out the terms of your lease. If your tenant is not paying rent, the attorney can conduct an eviction, allowing you to regain possession of your property and re-lease it.

Or maybe you have a dispute with a neighbor over a boundary line. Perhaps your neighbor’s house was constructed so that it encroaches onto your own property – or someone is claiming prescriptive rights to use your property for some reason. A good real estate attorney can review the facts with you and advise you whether your neighbor has indeed acquired rights adverse to your own, or whether your property rights are intact.

We have advised buyers, sellers and developers of real property in the Truckee and North Lake Tahoe areas for over thirty years. Our experience includes professional guidance as well as drafting real estate transaction documents. And, if it comes to a real estate dispute, we also have over thirty years litigation experience in California courts and before California arbitrators.

Real estate often requires real professionals. Call us.

Focus Areas of Real Property Law

Contracts, deeds, promissory notes and deeds of trust

Purchase and sale of real estate

Leases (commercial and residential)

Construction law (construction disputes, defects, building contracts, preliminary notices, stop notices, and mechanic’s liens)

Landlord / Tenant (leases, evictions)

Homeowners Associations

Easements (granted and prescriptive)

Boundary line disputes, encroachments


Land use, zoning

Real estate litigation