James R.

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Bob French by an attorney who practiced in another state and thus was unable to handle my case in California. I found Bob to be extremely ethical, meticulous in understanding the details of the case, extremely well prepared when we went to court and was in fact […]

Leo G., Esq.

The tricky legal situation called for excellent communication and strategic skills, and Bob delivered a great result for us. I would encourage anyone looking for legal representation in California to consider Bob French. My clients and I recommend him enthusiastically.

Mark and Kelly S.

Prior to Bob, we’ve yet to work with an attorney that places such value in his client’s understanding of the process and how their decisions affect that process. May you never have to go through an ordeal such as we did, but, if so, Robert French is an attorney you should consider.

Ron and Jan W.

Bob is the kind of attorney everyone should have: friendly, fast and very efficient. Needless to say, Bob handled the issues like the pro he is and–we won! And his fee was surprisingly reasonable.